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3 Ways to Stop Struggling With a “Made Up Mind” for Healthy Living

breatheHaving a “made up mind” is ESSENTIAL to getting healthier.   If you live in the moment without planning ahead, you will NEVER make the changes necessary to change your health and ultimately change your life for the best. It all starts with a decision.  Then, BREATHE. Once you breathe, then begin the journey.

There are  3 Essential Ways to Stop Struggling With a Made Up Mind for Healthy Living

1.  Get off the pain medication overload cycle when possible.  We are living in a time when many people are putting stress to their bodies both physically and emotionally that result in need for pain medication. We often eat substantial portions of “empty calorie” foods that result in carrying excessive weight (obesity) and have poor and improper posture  which creates uneven wear and tear to our bodies.  Also, we put excessive demands on our time while being more accessible to others resulting in emotional overload.  To manage these stresses, we turn to medication, not realizing that long term of daily use lead to kidney and liver failure (i.e. dialysis).  CHIROPRACTIC CAN HELP!  Chiropractic enables for most instances of physical stress to be eliminated without medication and unnecessary surgeries.  MORE INFO.

2. Partner with some accountability.  Accountability enhances your likelihood of taking action and sticking with it. It keeps you involved. It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing something that is not comfortable; and change requires some form of discomfort. Accountability also prevents daily distractions from causing  sabotage.  Start Today Find Your Purpose Partner. MORE INFO.

3.  Implement new daily habits.  New habits are also essential to have  a made up mind.  One healthy living habit change can be to find new simple healthy recipes like the ones found in 30 Days To a Healthier YOU.  Another healthy habit change  is to plan meals in advance. Make time to think of a healthy menu for the week and then, shop for those food items.

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