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For the Family: 3 Essentials Necessary For A Renewed Healthy Living Lifestyle

new-year-fresh-startAs we prepare for the New Year that is soon approaching, I wanted to take the time to encourage you to start thinking about what you desire for yourself  and your family with regards to your health for the New Year.  We often spend year after year making New Year’s resolutions that are often too challenging and far fetched to do alone.  Sometimes you just need some help and motivation.  Make your health a priority this year for 2017.  Don’t get caught this time next year with 2017 ending and you being in the same state of health with the same health goals; And hopefully, it is not too late.  Poor health choices and delayed health decisions today can often lead to forced health crises tomorrow that oftentimes could have been prevented. THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!

There are 3 Essentials Necessary for A Renewed Healthy Living Lifestyle,

  1. Mindset With Goals.  All renewing behavior must begin with a  made up mindset and focused attitude.  Habits can be very challenging to change because they become a part of the subconcious automated actions. Without a made up mind, resistance that comes when one makes needed changes will result in failure to change.

  2. Exercise Plan.  Exercise is simply activity requiring physical effort for the purpose of health and fitness. It all about moving.  Choose to do something physical that you enjoy for approximately 30 minutes each day (at least 3-4 times per week).

  3. “Practical” Meal Plan. What good is it to start a meal plan that is not practical and result in you quitting.  It  is such a disappointment when you and your family set out to eat better and after one week (even up to 60 days) you revert back to what is familiar.  There is help available to assist you in creating a meal plan that will work for both you and your family. There is Transformation Health Coaching Available. LEARN MORE

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