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7 THANKSGIVING Healthy Habit Tips The Right Way!!!

1. Be realistic. … you will not likely lose weight during the holidays, but at least try to maintain and not gain more.

2. Plan time for exercise. … do not use the holiday time as an excuse not to exercise.  This is probably the most important time to exercise.  Get up early if necessary and do it before anything else that will distract you and sabatoge your motivation.

3. Do not skip meals “to make more room”. ...try to stick to your typical daily meal schedule.  This way you will not create a decrease in metabolism energy (starvation mode).  This will also keep you from being too hungry later causing you to overeat. You may want to consider a lighter breakfast and morning snack before your holiday meal time. You can do a Breakfast smoothie with fresh ingredients and later do light Snacks like raw veggies and/or fruit.  

4. Survey your entire meal spread/ buffets before filling your plate. … Start filling your plate with the vegetables first. Then, add the other foods by creating a SAMPLE  plate style ( just a taste). This way you can enjoy everything without over doing it and feeling guilty later.

5. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. … Take your time and chew the food slowly.  This will enable you to savor the food that you have and allow you time to be satisfied and less likely to want seconds.  Also, when you sense that you are satisfied, STOP!   More food will be there later!  Or you can wrap up what’s left and save it  for a few hours later.

6. Be careful with beverages. … Often time beverages are full of sugar.  So choose to do water if you can, or eat less dessert items instead, especially if  you are drinking alcoholic beverages.

7. Take the focus off food.... Plan family activities that are not about food.  You can do crafts, games, contests, go for a family walk, or serve a holiday meal to those less fortunate.  THE HOLIDAY IS NOT ALL ABOUT EATING! It’s about FAMILY, LOVE, and RELATIONSHIPS!!!

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