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5 Health Tips For The NEW YEAR!!!

  1. One Day At A TIME.  Establish a goal for one day and accomplish that.  Then repeat your goal for the next day.  Each day will become weeks that become months.
  2. Your Life Depends On it,  LITERALLY!  Each day that you invest in your health is one day more of life that you add. So why not do whatever it takes to start a better life for you and your family.
  3. Create Healthy Habits.  In order to have a healthy lifestyle you must create healthy habits.  Our habits are our routine for success.  Years of certain habits stem from days of poor habits.  I realize that some people struggle with this shift or change in routine.  This is why I have created a course that addresses this very issue. (LEARN MORE).
  4. Think ALIVE and CLEAN! Your body is made up of  trillions of cells.  Each cell is LIVE and Active.  When you feed your body, your goal is to feed and nourish each of these cells.  In order to nourish your cells which are live and active, you must feed them live and active food.  This type of food cannot be found in a box, package, or shelf.
  5. Identify your food WHY.  Why do you choose to eat what you eat?  There is a reason.  Take time to reflect and think about the choices of foods that you select throughout the day.  What is your real motivation for that choice.  Is it because of habit or passion for food taste buds or emotions.

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