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Technology Causing Migraines?

Postural Neck Strain

Looking down at your device and sitting slumped over at your desk for hours at a time can cause neck strain which may result in migraines. Try keeping your spine neutral as much as possible.  Seek ways to improve the ergonomic design at your work place like adjusting the height of your chair, desk, and/or computer screen.

Constant Distraction
You are so available to the world almost 24/7.  With the constant sound notifications and expectation to stalk your email inboxes constantly, it is no wonder that you are feeling over stimulated and stressed.   When you do not take mental breaks and “deplug,” this leads to stress and tension which leads to migraines. Try to take time away from all the distractions throughout the day, or if possible, a entire day or two, to give your body reset, refresh, and recharge time.

Staring At The Digital Screen
Staring at digital screens all day for long periods of time can be attributing to your headaches. Try limiting to your stare time to  no more than 30 minutes at one time without a break.  You may want to invest in anti-glare screen protectors to lessen neurological stimulation

Bright Light
The bright light stimulation before bed might be contributing to your unrest and migraines.  The intensity of the bright light on many electronic devices may interrupt your sleep cycle and leads you to be more tired and less rested.  Try refraining from use of the your electronic device at least one hour before dozing off to sleep.

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