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Teen Migraines & Chiropractic

I had a very complicated case that involved a teenager.  He was having headaches that resulted in him missing school several days out of the week routinely.  I began to treat him and address posture and spine alignment for a few weeks.  The headaches began to lessen in frequency and intensityYes, Chiropractic does help most times with HEADACHES.  Many people do not realize that Chiropractic care helps children and teenagers as well as adults.  There are many conditions that are due to subluxation (misalignment/degeneration) of the spine.  Your Spine-health is so important to your overall health, but is not usually a first thought.  It is usually the last thought, or not a thought at all.

If neither you nor your family members have ever had your Spine checked, you should consider it very seriously.  



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