6 Small Changes To Help Diabetes

1) Start with small diet changes:  Eat More Fiber. Fiber keeps the digestive tract working well.  Motility health of the digestive tract enables nutrients to flow through and absorb from the body easily.  Fruits and Vegetables are excellent fiber sources.

2) Get Active and Lose Weight:  Walking in place for 15-30 minutes can work wonders on the body.  You can do this while watching your favorite TV show. 

3) Drink More Water: Start by replacing 1 cup of soda  or coffee to 1 cup of water.  The higher your blood glucose levels, the more fluids you need. The kidneys need water to get rid of excess glucose and unwanted toxins.

4) Lower your Stress Levels: Stress elevates blood glucose levels.  Learn to practice deep breathing to enhance your oxygen levels while relaxing the body.  Pray & meditate. Both prayer and meditation offer hope and direction which brings peace and diminishes stress.

5)Use  100% PURE Essential Oils:
Frankincense Oil- has been known to lower the effects of Diabetes.

     Cinnamon Oil- Cinnamon has been found to  help lower blood sugars.

     Lemon Oil – will relax you and provide antiseptic-like properties. And  According to the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism,** Black Seed oil- has been used in place of the  popular diabetes drug, Metformin. 

6) Get Chiropractic Care: The upper neck and middle of the back are responsible for supplying nerve signals to the brain and the vital organs. The key is to coordinate immunity and hormone function throughout the body.