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    Our bodies are often so overloaded with toxins from our daily care products, and our surrounding environment(s).   In addition, our nutrition consumption, in many cases, is so nutrient deficient, that it is no wonder that our immune systems are often compromised. Ultimate healing of the body comes from within which is why God gave us an immune system to not only fight off unwanted invaders, but to create natural antibody function. 

     Did you know that you can build a stronger immune system and accelerate healing of a common cold or flu by having  chiropractic adjustments? Chiropractic correction can aid the immune responses of the body by reducing nerve interference. Studies have shown that children receiving regular chiropractic care have less use of medications, including antibiotics. Spinal adjustments are done by realigning the vertebrae to improve the functioning of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

     Cortisol is a hormone that is derived from negative STRESS and it inhibits the immune system and can make you physically sick.  However, when illness strikes, spinal adjustments can help speed up the recovery process. Some patients tend to skip out on chiropractic care when they’re not feeling well because they don’t associate the spine with healing. At a chiropractic office, adjustments help chiropractors locate and reduce interference and inflammation in your nervous system therefore helping to create a healthier immune system.  

Download the FREE spine nerve chart and see the correlations of your spine to conditions in your body!

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