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Trends and fashion statements are some ways most people pick their wardrobes and everyday attire. One trend that has been around for many years is the “sagging pants”. Teens and Young adults are completely unaware of the long-term effects this will have on their bodies. Sagging pants can affect the proper function AND alignment of the spine areas of the neck and back as well as hips and lower body torso. The posture that is required to maintain the pants style results in constant nervous system firing and imbalance dysfunction.

The lower back nerves (lumbar spine) supply nervous system communication to the sex organs which can cause issues as to how they perform.  Many people would never relate sagging pants to sexual dysfunction; however, it’s important to understand what is being affected. Sexual Dysfunction comes from constant mis-aligning of your hips and lower torso. Pre-ejaculation can also occur due to wearing pants below the hips.  

Over time, sagging pants can lead to the wearer needing early hip replacement surgery due in part to the constant swing of the hip and nerve firing while trying to keep the pants from falling down.  A simple fix would be to wear the correct size pant and add a belt. What seems hip and cool to you now could be pain for you later.

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