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--- J.Washington

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----A. Dye

Before coming to Dr. Mitchom-Lockett, I had serious back pain, could hardly walk and could not go up and down the steps. I had to use the bathroom throughout the night, poor sleep habits. I could not do my household chores.
I was taking pain pills, Aleve, but they did not stop the pain. I tried walking once a week, but my condition only became worse. Since coming to Dr. Mitchom-Lockett, I can walk without pain, walk up and down the steps, sleep through the night, I can now do housework without pain, vacuum floors, clean my kitchen, etc.
I have been helped here without the use of pills, injections, or surgery.
I thank God for leading me to Dr. Mitchom Lockett and giving her the knowledge and wisdom to be of help to all that will go and be healed.

----G. Shepherd

I came to see Dr. Mitchom-Lockett because I was told over and over again that she would be able to help my back. I had not received any treatment prior to coming to Dr. Mitchom-Lockett. As a result of coming, I am able to stand longer, I can do my house work without much pain, and I no longer walk with a limp. If you just try Dr. Mitchom- Lockett for a month you’ll find that she is truthful and very helpful.

----C. Mitchell

When I first started to see Dr. Mitchom-Lockett, I had pain in my lower and upper back, my neck, and shoulder. I had to walk on a cane to support myself. Dr. Lockett taught me how my spinal cord works with the rest of my body. She started me on a regimen of exercises to help put my spinal column back in order.
Dr. Lockett also gave me exercises along with a list of foods to eat and use at home. She taught me how foods help or hurt my body. In less than 60 days of working with Dr. Lockett, I use my can very little. I walk more and longer. The pain in my back is gone and I have less stiffness in my body. THANK YOU DR. LOCKETT!!!

----J. Anderson

Dr. Mukaia Mitchom-Lockett is an excellent chiropractor her exceptional knowledge and skills as a doctor are amazing. I am impressed with her ability to explain the purpose and function of the spine. She is very patient an doesn’t mind taking time with you to help you understand the problems that you may encounter with your body.
I have been under her care for ten years. I started as an acute patient, during the year 2004. I was considered an acute patient because I was suffering from extreme pains in my lower back. This pain did not remain in my lower back because it attacked my sciatic nerve which caused me to experience severe pain down my right hip and leg.
Because of this problem I went to corrective procedures. This was a crucial phase which re-educated my body to function virtually pain free. Due to Dr. Mitchom Lockett expertise in Chiropractic, today I am a wellness patient who only sees her once per month and am virtually pain free.
In addition to Dr. Lockett being a great doctor, her office staff is very friendly and professional. Upon each visit, I am greeted with a smile. The pleasing personality helps to relax me which helps immensely with our doctor-patient relationship, because it allows me to talk to her freely about the concerns I may have.
During the two years that I have been a patient here, I am convinced that Dr. Lockett is just as interested in my health as I am and she demonstrates to me that my health in general is not only important to her but her primary concern.
Now I am completely motivated to keep my body pain free and follow many of Dr. Lockett’s suggestions about health. She encourages me to eat balanced meals daily and participate in moderate exercise which I have done. In all, I have been very pleased with the care that I have received from Dr. Lockett and am forever grateful for the help she has given me with my severe pains. THANKS Dr. Lockett!!!

----M. Jackson

I was in constant and excruciating pain in my right elbow and on the right side.  I was being treated before by a Chiropractor in Columbia Illinois and the results were minimal; after all I was only able to get to the treatment one time per week due to the distance.  Although I did not suffer from heartburn or asthma, I did have chronic constipation.  As result of my treatment the severity has lessened.  I am not in much pain now.  Chiropractic can be a wonderful alternative to medicating for pain/stiffness, constipation, etc.   I have recommended others since starting my treatment.


----E. Echols

Over the past year I have been experiencing problems with my lower back. Sometimes the pain would be dull and sometimes not, but it became worse no matter how much I stretched or lifted weights for exercise. It eventually got to the point that I stopped exercising as it was causing too much pain. It began to affect my home life with my children as I could not lift them or play basketball. It affected my work as I could not easily get out of my car or sit for an extended period without experiencing pain. The pain progressed to the point that I started having difficulty just rolling over to get out of bed in the morning. On July 10th, when it took me over 10 minutes to get out of bed, I decided to take the advice of a friend and made an appointment to see Dr. Mitchom Lockett. After our first consultation and evaluation of my x-rays, I was given the bad news, degenerative joint disease in the lower back. The good news was that it had not progressed to the point of surgery!
With this diagnosis, Dr. Mitchom Lockett proceeded to develop a treatment plan and I started on the road to “recovery.” During following two months of weekly visits, stretching exercises, and therapeutic rehabilitation, I began to get my old life back. It became easier to exercise (I have started to lift again). I found that I could sit for extended periods of time without much discomfort and I could get in and out of my car (something I do a lot on my job) without major discomfort. What really surprised me was when Dr. Mitchom Lockett checked my progress after the first month, and I found that I could bend and turn further than I had in over a year without feeling pain!!
Could I have received these results from going to a medical doctor? Probably not, as they have advised that I have surgery and that would have increased the problems and left me in life long pain. Could I have received these results from going to another chiropractor? Quite possibly, but I like Dr. Mitchom Lockett’ s philosophy. She treats the whole person not just the symptoms and spends time answering all the questions so that her patients are aware of what she is doing while she is doing it and how it will assist them.
Are my visits with Dr. Mitchom Lockett over? No. I have talked to friends and co workers who have back problems and they tell me that the discomfort will always be there, so I know I will be coming back in maintenance to have my spine re-adjusted. However, with my increased mobility and using the exercises I have been taught to relieve the discomfort, I know I can make it. I would like to thank Dr. Mitchom and her staff for their kindness and professionalism, and I would gladly recommend their services to anyone experiencing spinal problems.

----K. McClamb

I started treatment with Dr. Mitchom-Lockett about 3 weeks ago. Before the treatments I had been living with chronic lower back pain.
I’d been taking over the counter pain relievers and using muscle relaxers. I’d tried chiropractors before in the past with little success. My pain always returned. I finally got fed up with living with the pain and sought chiropractic assistance once again.
When I first came to see Dr. Mitchom-Lockett, I had chronic pain in my left upper back. After just 3 treatments, I felt better than I had in months. The chronic pain had lessened a great deal. The area of pain that had caused me to seek treatment in the first place had now finally been identified. I was told that I had multiple misalignments along my vertebrae, which were causing me pain in my everyday life. I had been living with this for well over 10 years.
Now on a wellness program, my quality of life has greatly improved and I intend to have a life without back pain.
I am currently in the process of retraining my back to function without the stiffness and discomforts I’ve been living with. I honestly say that I am improving with every weekly session. Since receiving treatments, I’ve become aware of how important diet and exercise are the healing process. I now understand more clearly the role they play in the maintenance of daily care of the back area. Dr. Lockett has helped me tremendously and I’d recommend her to anyone.

----V. Fisher

I was referred to Dr. Lockett by my foot doctor. I was having pain in my right side. I also was having stinging pain in my thighs when I would stand for periods of time. When the x-rays came back, it showed the condition of my spine and its deterioration. I had not received any treatment before prior coming to Dr. Lockett.
Since I started treatment with Dr. Mitchom Lockett, I have better range of motion. I can reach behind my back a little more with not as much straining and less pain. When I bend over its much easier than it used to be my lower back feels much better. I feel more at ease when moving about.
Dr. Mitchom Lockett is very caring and dedicated. She takes time with you and does whatever it takes to help you. She wants you to take care of yourself to be the best you can be. She’s interested in the whole person.
I thank you very much Dr. Lockett.

----L. L.

When I first came to Dr. Lockett I had no balance, poor circulation, equilibrium and tension in low back, numbness in my hands, tightening in my neck and leg.
I had been to physical therapy at Memorial Hospital due to paralysis post coma for 2 months. I also did therapy at Gateway Regional for 6-7 months.
Since coming to Dr. Lockett, I now can stand longer and walk better. I also have a better grip. I feel stronger and more energetic.
I have faith and trust in Dr. Lockett and as long as you do as she says you will be better.

----D. Thomas

Before I came to see Dr. Mitchom-Lockett, I had an uncomfortable nagging hip pain. I had not received any prior treatment before coming to see Dr. Lockett. I was having problems sleeping through the night. Since I have started treatment with Dr. Lockett my lower back no longer feels sore, and the soreness in my right hip has subsided tremendously. If you are someone is experiencing any symptoms, of any sort, do not continue to ignore them or try to diagnose yourself to avoid seeking treatment. Some pain may be avoidable or decreased by simply going to seek treatment.

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